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Welcome to Solstice Saddlery






Let Solstice Saddlery be your blanket source.  We carry all the best brands including Masta, Rambo and Weatherbeeta.    We also do saddle fitting in Alaska so that you can get the best fit for you and your horse!






For the fastest response to all inquiries, please email us!                          

Please be advised that we continue to receive notifications from distributors and manufacturers about price increases.  In case you are not aware, the U.S. dollar is not doing well against the pound and the Euro.  Since most of our English tack and some clothing comes from either Europe or England, it appears that we willcontinue to see price increases.  If you're thinking about making any major saddle purchases, you may want to do so soon.  Additionally, because of rising fuel costs and increases in shipping rates, we will now be charging a flat $10.00 shipping fee for all purchases shipped outside of Alaska.  This is still cheaper than regular rates and will help us keep our costs down, especially since most vendors charge us shipping and an additional fee for all items "drop-shipped". 


 We are one of the few vendors in the United States to carry Masta Blankets.  Up here in Alaska we recommend either Rambo or Masta as brands that not only keep your horse warm and dry, but also hold up over the course of several winters. Call for pricing or check back after the holidays!







We continue to strive to bring Alaskans the newest products at the best prices.  Remember that our prices will always be lower than national catalogues and we don't charge for shipping!

Bates has come out with a new dressage saddle called the Innova!

        Bates Innova                           


Click on the saddle for more information-call or email for a price quote!  




Introducing the new Tixerant Comfort Girth.

In cooperation with a major medical textile company in France, this girth was developed to allow freedom of movement for the horse, while keeping the saddle in place. A special patented material sewn into the middle of the girth expands, giving comfort to the horse, easier breathing and movement for the chest area. These girths come in numerous sizes and are made for jumper, all-purpose and dressage saddles.






We're also pleased to introduce ThinLine Pads and Boots





We've been extremely busy taking orders and have found that we can give you the best service if you email us.  So, if at all possible, please email us any questions, comments or orders which will allow us to get back to you with the most accurate information in the fastest amount of time.  Of course, we'll still take your calls if you have an immediate need or don't have a computer.  Either way, we'd love to hear from you.  We'll also be glad to post your photos on our site since we have customers all over the country who wonder what it's like owning a horse in Alaska.


    Who says you can't find the best and the latest equestrian products in Alaska?

 -Solstice Saddlery represents a new concept in the tack industry specifically tailored to meet Alaska’s special equestrian needs.  We are parts; Mobile Unit, Online Business, Personalized Service,  and Catalogue.  Need some advice on finding the right saddle for your horse, we offer a custom saddle fitting service to our clients.   We  started are business to bring the best and newest English riding supplies to Alaska, and we are already becoming a resource for Alaska equestrian consumers as well as those in the "lower 48".

Because we carry so many items, we can't possibly place them all on this site.  We've listed the companies and products that we carry, so all you have to do is visit their website, find a product you like and then email or call us.  We'll give you the best possible price.


Come see us at the shows or schedule an appointment for your barn.!

No shipping on most items!
We will meet or beat any catalog price!
Want a GPA Helmet, contact us!                          


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  All Brands are listed on the "Products" page!


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